Europe Surpasses The US in Keeping Adults in the Workforce

If someone looks at unemployment rates only, the United States may look stronger compared to Europe.The average unemployment rate in the US was at a 6.1% this past August. In contrast, the unemployment rate for 18 countries in Europe is at 11.5%.

Yet despite those numbers, Europe is doing better. According to the article at–finance.html , Europe is better in keeping people working. We are also better when it comes to¬† letting the disabled stay on the job and the proportion of women in the workforce in Europe is also better as compared to the United States.

What is most prominent when looking at the European job market is that those in their prime working years, people aged 25 to 54, are more likely to be employed as compared to those across the Atlantic.

In the US, less than 77% in this age group have work while it is 82% in the Netherlands and 81% in France.

Of course, not all countries in Europe are the same when it comes to the job market. Germany for instance currently has an unemployment rate of 4.9% while almost 25% of people in Spain are without work.