Monthly Archives: September, 2014

First UK Volunteer Injected With Ebola Vaccine

In Great Britain, the very first healthy human volunteer has been injected with an experimental Ebola vaccine. The volunteer is Ruth Atkins, a 48-year-old NHS communications manager from Marcham, Oxfordshire. Oxford’s Vaccine Group Centre for Clinical Vaccinology and Tropical Medicine injected the experimental vaccine today. The injection of the vaccine is part of a trial …

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On Ergonomic Furniture for the Workplace

While health and well-being for yourself and your employees is likely the first thing you may think of when talking about ergonomics, ergonomic furniture can have benefits that go beyond health and comfort. You may not know it, but modern ergonomic office furniture can also help you dramatically cut down on costs and expenses in …

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Europe Surpasses The US in Keeping Adults in the Workforce

If someone looks at unemployment rates only, the United States may look stronger compared to Europe.The average unemployment rate in the US was at a 6.1% this past August. In contrast, the unemployment rate for 18 countries in Europe is at 11.5%. Yet despite those numbers, Europe is doing better. According to the article at …

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