On Ergonomic Furniture for the Workplace

While health and well-being for yourself and your employees is likely the first thing you may think of when talking about ergonomics, ergonomic furniture can have benefits that go beyond health and comfort.

ergonomic-workplaceYou may not know it, but modern ergonomic office furniture can also help you dramatically cut down on costs and expenses in your company.

It doesn’t take rocket science to realise that poor ergonomics at the workplace could easily translate into less productivity and motivation and therefore also less efficiency for your business operations.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that employees who are experiencing back pain or wrist pain due to bad ergonomics will hardly be able to work at their optimum.

Every company owner knows that illnesses and health issues of employees can be costly. It wouldn’t be the first time that poor ergonomics at the workplace would also add to overall stress along with a variety of other physical and physiological issues. Poor ergonomics in an office may well trigger and be the reason for illnesses such as migraines, joint and muscle pains. More absences from work due to such health issues are likely which again means financial losses for the company as a whole.

So what does this mean for you as a business owner?

You should look at modern ergonomic office furniture as being an investment that can in fact help you  to increase overall efficiency and it can also be to save money. In many cases, the savings then of course the better health of your employees will almost always outweigh the initial costs. That being said, modern ergonomic chairs and computer desks today don’t have to set you back a fortune. Even high quality ergonomic office furniture such as those desk chairs or ergonomic chairs can be had rather affordable if you know where to get them.

Click here if you want to learn more about workstation assessments and how they can help to make your office more economical.

Europe Surpasses The US in Keeping Adults in the Workforce

If someone looks at unemployment rates only, the United States may look stronger compared to Europe.The average unemployment rate in the US was at a 6.1% this past August. In contrast, the unemployment rate for 18 countries in Europe is at 11.5%.

Yet despite those numbers, Europe is doing better. According to the article at https://uk.finance.yahoo.com/news/europes-job-market-strengths-us-doesnt-162116192–finance.html , Europe is better in keeping people working. We are also better when it comes to  letting the disabled stay on the job and the proportion of women in the workforce in Europe is also better as compared to the United States.

What is most prominent when looking at the European job market is that those in their prime working years, people aged 25 to 54, are more likely to be employed as compared to those across the Atlantic.

In the US, less than 77% in this age group have work while it is 82% in the Netherlands and 81% in France.

Of course, not all countries in Europe are the same when it comes to the job market. Germany for instance currently has an unemployment rate of 4.9% while almost 25% of people in Spain are without work.



Why Apprenticeships Are Beneficial For Your Career

In an economy where the job market can be very competitive and it is often very difficult to find a desired job such as in the fields of medicine, law or IT, any tip that makes getting into a career field easier can be a great help.

Apprenticeships Provide Many Benefits

Apprenticeships Provide Many Benefits

Among those tips for folks who are just out of school would be to consider an apprenticeship as opposed to attempting to find a full-time position right away.

Apprenticeships can offer you multiple advantages. Here in this article I want to cover some of them.

Many employers today are less hesitant to hire on apprentices as compared to full term employees.

Because of that, the chances to get hired are already higher if you apply for an apprenticeship rather than a full-time position.

During the apprenticeship you can obtain invaluable first-hand work experience that will look great on your CV. It is a undeniable fact that employers today prefer those applicants with real job experience over those who have nothing to show but their good grades from school. Many employers today go even so far as to actually prefer those with experience over those with better grades.

While an apprenticeship will always look fantastic on a CV, in many cases you won’t even require to look for another job following your apprenticeship. The reason for this is that a majority of apprentices are ultimately getting hired full-time. This can be a great way for all those who want to get into a desired company. If you start out as an apprentice where you can show your dedication and motivation, a great career at that particular company is very likely.

Even in such cases that you would want to or must continue your search for a full-time position after your apprenticeship, the apprenticeship on your resume will open up the doors to many companies for you.

With apprenticeships in the UK you will have so many benefits that you should consider this option. It can be a great help for all those graduates who otherwise may have trouble to get into into a career field due to a lack of experience.

If you are looking for apprenticeships, I recommend apprenticeships in Nottingham where you can easily find open apprenticeship vacancies all across the United Kingdom. You can find all types of apprenticeships including retail apprenticeships or apprenticeships in IT and computers.


East Devon Firm Launches Into Australian Market

A firm from East Devon, Hunter Urology is going to launch into the Australian and New Zealand market for the first time.

The company which is located at WoodHayes intends to break into this new market with a British manufactured product. As a result of the move,  several jobs will also be created.

The founder of the company, Gary Hunter to the press: “We will be launching in Australia in September at a major professional conference in Cairns. Although we have been exporting to other markets, such as Greece, Ireland and Slovenia for some time, Australia is a huge market for us. The launch into Australia is a very exciting time for us and will certainly lead to us expanding and creating more jobs in the UK.”


A Good Way To Find Jobs In Devon

Finding a job in Devon is now made easier because we have a new, local job web site, the Devon Job Board. This website should be your go-to place if you happen to live anywhere in Devon and are looking for a full-time job, temporary work or an internship.

devon-job-boardWhat I liked about the Devon Job Board is that it is very easy to use and there are no distracting ads or other distracting things on the site.

You can find local jobs in Exeter and other cities in Devon easily by entering various criteria such as desired job type or job location.

The site covers all major areas in Devon including the major cities of Plymouth, Torquay, Paignton along with many others.

Are you looking for local jobs in Torquay? It is very easy to do and it didn’t take long on my visit of the Devon Job Board to find a good number of job listings including jobs in IT and retail. Looking around on the site I also didn’t have any trouble to find plenty of jobs in Plymouth and several Paignton jobs that looked promising to me.

So if you’re still looking for a career in Devon, you should check out the Devon Job Board, I can highly recommend it.

Travel Advice For The United Arab Emirates

If you happen to travel to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) or you’re just stopping-off there on your way to another destination you will have to be well prepared. The law in the United Arab Emirates is very strict and things that may otherwise not be an issue here in the UK can have severe consequences in the Emirates.

Here is a guide for all those who might be traveling to the UAE. It is by no means comprehensive but can give you a first idea about what you will be allowed to do and what not.

If you are  uncertain about anything you should always consult the UAE Embassy in London before you travel. They can answer all your travel questions.



A Tip If You Want A Career In Medicine

If you or your children want to get into a rewarding career in medicine later on in life you cannot start early enough with the planning. In the United Kingdom but likewise in many other countries, the level of education is often a deciding factor.

Private Schools Increase Your Career Chances

Private Schools Can Increase Your Children’s Career Chances

In the UK, there is no question that the highest level of education can be had from private schools.

Whether you want to become a doctor, a lawyer or a computer specialist, fact is that a private school can increase the chances for a great job in the future.

Recent studies have confirmed this.

Finding a good private or “independent” school in the UK shouldn’t be a problem since the UK has plenty of such schools to choose from. In fact, the number of private schools available in the nation might at first seem overwhelming.

A good number of families who send their children to private schools do this out of tradition. There might be a dad or grand-dad who already visited a private school which means a particular school’s reputation is known and there won’t be doubts about that the son or the daughter will also be successful by visiting this school.

Other schools simply already made a name for themselves, sometimes even across country borders. The wealthy and successful from other countries may send their children to this school due to the school’s widely known reputation.

But don’t think that good private schools in the UK are only for the rich. Today, if you want to study medicine there are many good schools available which do not cost a fortune to attend such as the independent school Hertfordshire and other renowned schooling institutions. In some cases there may even be stipends or financial aid available. The best thing you can do here is to contact and ask the particular private school in question.

You can go to private school Hertfordshire if I made you curious about local schools in England. Schooling for your children should never be a compromise. For your children you should choose the best education you can get in the UK today.